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Massage at Plush

Therapeutic massage is the manipulation of the muscles and tissues of the body to prevent and alleviate pain, discomfort, and stress: Licensed Massage Therapists carefully customize the right massage treatment to best fit your needs. Great care and special attention are given to everyone, particularly those with injuries, ailments, the elderly and pregnant women, to see to it that they are comfortable and cared for properly and safely.

A 1-hour massage therapy session consists of 5 minutes of therapist consultation, 50 minutes of hands-on massage, and 5 minutes of dressing time. We offer massages from 10 minutes to 2 hours.

  •  Swedish - The Classic, therapeutic massage
  •  Deep Tissue - Firm pressure and trigger point 
  •  Couples - 2 clients, 2 tables, 2 therapists, 1 room, Swedish or Deep Tissue
  •  Hot Stone - Heated stones applied & used for massage  

Massage Therapist Ryan Rukvina performs & discusses 
massage on Plush Tonight!:

How is Massage beneficial?

1. Massage relieves pain.
Doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists understand that one of the benefits of massage is the pain relief it can provide. In the hands of a skilled masseuse working under clinical conditions, someone suffering from chronic pain or certain types of injury can experience immediate, partial, or temporary relief. Check with your doctor if you have chronic pain or discomfort about benefits of massage. 

2. Massage eases tension.
Physical tension caused by standing at your job all day or carrying 20 bags of junk out of the basement can be relieved by getting a massage to relax those worn muscles and limbs. If you can’t afford a weekly massage, opt for a special spa day after a demanding workout when you can splurge and get the works, including a full body massage. You’ll feel so good afterwards that you won’t put off cleaning the basement so long the next time. 

3. Massage speeds recovery time and eases inflamed muscles.
Massage improves circulation and can speed removal of toxins and lactic acid deposits. If you play sports, chances are there will be times when you overdo it or perhaps pull a muscle that has not warmed up property. Consider getting a massage to ease the tension and soreness of limbs damaged by sports-related injuries. Check with the doctor and let the masseuse know before getting a massage if you have a muscle injury.

4. Massage is good for your heart.
For many people, massage can lower blood pressure and pulse rates to actually contribute to overall improved cardiovascular health.
Whether you’re feeling sluggish, have been doing too much deskwork, or don’t get enough excercise,  massage can help to stimulate your body tissues and improve circulatory flow. Of course, if you have medical circulation problems or are on blood thinning medications, ask your doctor about getting a massage.

5. Massage reduces stress.
Massage has been shown to lower cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone that is detrimental to your health if chronically elevated.A whole-body massage can relax those stiff muscles that may be causing tension headaches. It can help to free your mind of stressful events or difficult emotions, at least temporarily. Having a massage puts the focus on you and the present, taking it from problems and the past or future. You can escape challenges and problems by languishing in the care of a trained masseuse whose firm hands will roll the tension right out of your body.

6. Massage enhances your mood.
Massage causes the release of dopamine and serotonin, powerful brain neurotransmitters known to cause improved mood and lessen depressive symptoms.With feel-good endorphins into your system, massage creates a sense of well being that can make anyone feel better. It’s hard to stay in a bad mood when a professional masseuse is stroking your body in a way that releases natural substances from the brain that evoke a pleasurable response. Plus, just getting away from the hectic pace of everyday life and enjoying a personal indungence can give you a calmer, happier frame of mind.

*Plush Medical Spa employs only professionally trained Massage Therapists who meet all state and local requirements. To protect both our clients and therapists, no inappropriate behavior will be tolerated. Our therapists are held to higher standards of practice than required by some state or local laws.

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